Welcome to our site and thank you for your interest in enrolling in Middleton's Kung Fu & Fitness Center. You have just entered a golden opportunity to develop and grow.

The Jow Ga Kuen system's history and heritage is amount the riches in the Martial Art World. The lineage of our school is strong and our instructions are amount the best. Our Instructors possess a strong background in teaching Martial Arts and are eager to train you

Sifu Charles Middleton has developed numerous national and international champions. He also has strong appreciation for the student that is not interested in competition. Whether you are interested in the bountiful history and invigorating technique of Jow Ga Kuen system or your own interest in fitness, self-defense and building personal skills (self-esteem, confidence, focus and concentration), we have a complete well-rounded program to meet your training needs.

Parents Responsibility

Did you ever wonder.......................

Try to concentrate on your child's successes, while guiding them through their failures. Your child may not be great in all physical or mental activities, put that doesn't mean they aren't having fun and graining the necessary mental or physical responses needed for proper development. Show your joy when he or she does well and provide plenty of opportunities for him or her to further succeed. Introduce new activities, especially if he or she shows interest. Try to attend your child's activities as much as possible to encourage them and provide support. Whenever possible, parents should participate in fitness activities with their child.

There is no question that exercise is good for growing children, and the earlier they start the better. Should you encourage an uncoordinated child to take gymnastics? It's important to remember that it's OK if children are not interested in certain sports as long as they pursue activities that help them stay physically fit, but all sports don't develop the mind as Martial Arts does. Marital Arts leads the way in mental development and the perfect balance with the body.

Many children choose not to join teams and prefer activities that can be done alone or with friends. Martial Arts is the one activity selected the most. Welcome again to our Jow Ga Kuen Kwoon.