Our Jow Ga Kung Fu Programs

Siu Fook Fu Program (Small Tiger) Ages 4-7

This program is designed to develop our youngest student socially and emotionally aiding them in adjusting and overcoming those small challenges that appears so large to them.

Dai Fook Fu (Big Tiger) Ages 8-13

This program is one of our most exciting programs, teaching ownership of self, being responsible for your actions. Learning how to work well with others, how to be positive when your peers are negative. This program will challenge the mind by the physical requirements needed to progress. The outcome; a discipline student.

Junior Leadership Program Ages 14-17

Most parents want their children to perform well, to be recognized, rewarded and lead a fulfilling productive life. Truthfully under the right conditions any student can be taught the skills needed to excel and succeed. Our Martial Arts School has proven to be an effective platform for such training. In addition to the Jow Ga Kuen system of Kung Fu that your child will learn, the Junior Leadership Program will provide the material and lessons designed to empower students in various aspects. The life skills, such as goal setting and perseverance helps to from a sturdy foundation upon which young people learn to visualize and achieve great things in their education, careers, relationships and other areas. Although the teaching curriculum is tailored to Martial Art, it also contains principles and practices relevant to leadership situations. The teaching skills in this program also lay the groundwork for students wishing to eventually become Certified Instructors. Junior Leaders are required to assist in class so they will become accustomed to public speaking and guiding others.

Instructor Program Adults 18 & Up

The Instructor Program is designed to prepare students for a career in Martial Arts Instructions. Material and lessons are developed specifically to educate potential instructors on effective methods of communication with students and parents, managing the classroom and presenting material in different formats. In fact, the training received in this program is constructive for all maturing Jow Ga Kuen Kwoon students. By learning to effectively teach materials to others, participants gain a more profound understanding of fundamentals and the fine points of Martial Arts, in addition to polish their leadership skills. This in turn creates successful leaders.