Jow Ga Kuen Kwoon Rules

  1. Address the Master Instructor, Charles Middleton as "Sifu" meaning Teacher/Father
  2. Students must bow to as a sign of respect to the instructors and the shrine of the founders when entering and leaving the classroom.
  3. When addressing an instructor, students must first bow.
  4. Do not show disrespect to another by being rude.
  5. There will be no fighting or arguing among students at any time.
  6. Abusive language will not be tolerated in class by students or parents
  7. Do not show disrespect to another by laughing at their mistakes.
  8. Students must not leave the classroom without permission.
  9. Anyone that argues with an instructor will be dismissed from school.
  10. Students are not allowed to handle any weapons without permission.
  11. Students must not be boastful in public nor behave in such a manner that adversely affects their family and the school.
  12. Students are forbidden to teach Jow Ga Kung Fu to anyone who is not a member of the school.
  13. Students are forbidden to show one another any Jow Ga Kung Fu forms or Jow Ga Kung Fu techniques unless told to do so by an Instructor. And Instructors must have approval from Sifu Charles.
  14. Students are not allowed to join, practice or compete with another school without the consent of Sifu Charles Middleton.
  15. NO Food is allowed in the classroom during class. No open containers of fluid are allowed.
  16. Only authorized persons in office area.
  17. All non-students stay off the training floor.
  18. Parents must keep your non-Kung Fu children off the training floor. And keep them quiet.
  19. If the student comes to class late he or she must wait until the Instructor acknowledges them and direct them where to go.
  20. Students will take instructions only from the Instructors during class, not from friends, parents or anyone that is not enroll in the Kwoon
  21. A clean proper uniform (Jow Ga shirt and pants) is required for class with your T-Shirt tucked in. Students shouldn't alter their uniforms by cutting off the sleeves, wearing unauthorized patches, etc.
  22. Students must place all of their needed training equipment in the designated area, presently in front of the mirror between the two banners. 
  23. No equipment will be left in the care of parents or guardians if it is meant for the student use. 
  24. The student will not have contact with the parents during training
  25. Any student planning on competing in Martial Art competition must get permission from the school's Sifu prior to competing.
  26. Forms selected to compete with will be review by Instructor staff prior to the scheduled competition
  27. No students competing in the same division will compete against each other using the same form unless it is Yellow Sash and below. The choice of forms will be selected by the student whom learn it first.