Lion Dance & Demo


Where Do You Perform?

We perform mostly at private setting. However, we do perform for Corporations, Organizations in the Central Virginia Area. Prior to booking a performance you should consider, does the size of the venue match what you want us to perform. The weather can be a factor, performances will not be done in rain or snow.

Do You Charge a Fee?

Yes, we do charge a fee to cover transportation, equipment maintenance and repairs. The costs of performances depend on a number factor: distance form our South Richmond location, duration of performance, number of Lions, prop, etc. As such, prices may range from $250.00 to $800.00 per event.

What's Included in The Performance?

A typical Lion Dance includes at least one Lion, a percussion ensemble, and a few props. 

How Long Will It Last?

A choreographed performance generally runs for about eight minutes. Performances can always be lengthened or shortened to suit the event.

Many clients for private parties (weddings and birthdays) often remark that eight minutes may be too short. Please keep in mind that this is equivalent to two to three songs or music videos. There will be a great deal of drumming and cymbal playing. Most people find that eight minutes is more than enough. Now larger events such as Corporate parties may only want the Lions as sort of backdrop to greet their guests.  In these cases, it's common to request low energy performances that last for 15 to 20 minutes.

Is There Music?

Always. From a traditional cultural point of view, the drum represents the heartbeat of the Lion. It's improper to perform without live music. From the entertainment perspective, a performance is just better with live music.  We will provide the music.

How Do We Book the Performance?

It all starts by submitting your request via our Contact Us page. Please ensure to provide the number of Lions desired, location, date and time of the event. Payment is usually requested the day of the event.